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Digital Sketch

I don’t do much that I’d label a digital drawing but this is an experiment with the Brushes app. This one I did on my iPhone.


From an old Form-Fit bra ad


Urban Bison

Bison a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

Some quick sketches of bison I made on my lunch break. It was too nice a day not to go outside.

I’m counting this one as an urban sketch because these bison live at an office park on the edge of town. Close enough.

Saturday morning on campus

The day started out sunny and mild but by the time we left the house it was gray and a damp breeze was picking up. We stopped to do one quick sketch outside before spending the rest of our expedition in the natural history museum.  I sketched the facade of the engineering building.

Engine Arch

A gray Saturday morning on campus

More small sketches…

More drawings from my small sketchbook.

marine iguana

Copied from a book on reptiles in a doctor's waiting room.

And a drawing from a picture I had in my wallet.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

More Little Bastards

Little Bastards 4

Little Bastards #4

More Little Bastard sketches…

I was playing with ways to automate converting scans to reasonable web images. These are the results of that effort.

They’re fairly old and were done over the course of a few years. Mostly they represent a different time in my life and in my approach to drawing.

Little Bastard 5

Little Bastard #5

Little Bastard 7

Little Bastard #7

Little Bastard 8

Little Bastard #8

Little Bastard 10

Little Bastard #10

Little Bastard 11

Little Bastard #11

Small Moleskine 1

I have way too many sketchbooks going. I carry a couple-three in my coat pocket (during the winter). These are from a small Moleskine sketchbook (cardstock).


Some guy named Tom standing in a middle-school gym.

Miss January 1961

At the DIA

Sunday morning at the DIA. Top: a terra cotta statue; bottom: mother and daughter

Boy sitting on the floor

From a small sketchbook. Ballpoint pen.

boy sitting on the floor

~5.5x7"; ballpoint pen

Little Bastards

I have a bunch of these. They’re drawings from an old sketchbook–mostly made in coffee shops I think. They were (and still are) sketches and ideas for assemblages.

I’ll post more as the mood takes me.

Little Bastard #13

Little Bastard #13

YAB! (Yet Another Blog!)

False Assumption #23

False Assumption #23

They assume that, because it has a warm glow, it is a devine presence–but it’s just a vacuum tube.