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2 sketches after Loomis

I checked out a copy of “Drawing the head and hands” by Andrew Loomis. Published in 1958 it’s very much a work of its time and I love it. Since I’m playing catch-up today, I made a couple of sketches from it.

Loomis 2

How to Draw Women

Loomis 1

The strong decisive type


Park Sketches

Saturday was gorgeous summer weather. We got out to the park in the morning because it was going to get hot. The park in question is a favorite of many. It’s on the edge of town where the river widens out before the damn. There are trails, bridges, nature paths, a couple of playgrounds, a dock where they rent paddle boats and canoes, and more.

I made a few sketches. I learned that fishing is a sketchers dream–young people will stand relatively still for moments at a time and old people will sit still half the day. These sketches were done in watercolor pencil.

boy and concrete turtle

A young boy industriously working to undermine the concrete turtle in the playground

boy fishing 1

Saturday morning in July

boy fishing 2

A young man fishing from the dock

Blue Face

I drew this from a photo from the 50s.


Woman with red hair drawn with a blue pencil

Another Super-Quick Sketch

Like the previous face of the day, this one has many problems (let’s start with the eyes)–but I’m beginning to like some of what I’m getting in terms of the vitality. This one is a sketch made from a fairly famous photo–at least to some of us.

Elvis Impersonator

We were all younger back then...

Elvis Impersonator 2

Now with wash added


Rapid Sketch

Another Face-A-Day: I intentionally worked as rapidly as possible–at least at first. Despite the flaws, I’m pleased with the overall results.

C. T. Loo

A rapid sketch in ballpoint pen

3 Faces

More sketches from pictures of sculpture.

3 Manship Busts

From busts by Manship

Sketch of a Bust of a Young Boy

I picked up a book on the works of Paul Manship at the library the other day. He’s probably best known for his Prometheus at Rockefeller Center. He was a man of times.

Manship bust

From a bust of a young boy by Paul Manship

Old Doll Head

A pencil sketch of an old doll head…

Doll Head

An old doll's head

Water-Soluble Crayon Sketch

Finished up a drawing I started yesterday. Another day, another face.

marble head 2

Another in an endless series of sketches from marble statues

Black and White (and Gray)

Black water-soluable crayon. I may embellish more later–or I may just move on.

marble head

Yet another sketch from a marble bust.