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Face A Day: Woman in a Veil

Still trying to work more in broad planes and features but I always get hung up on the eyes and the lips–and not to their benefit.

Regardless, this is today’s face.

woman in a veil

Drawn from a black and white publicity still


Face A Day: Victoria

Late night pencil sketch. I started a new sketchbook after filling up one of the two I carry with me obsessively. The new one is a Pen and Ink brand with heavy-weight paper. It’s the first time I’ve used this kind and my first impression is a good one. The paper is smooth but takes graphite pencil very nicely. I will experiment with other media but I think I’m going to like it.

To paraphrase a favorite saying of my late brother: the one who has filled the most sketchbooks when he dies, wins.


From a photo from the early 60s

Up North

We went up north for the weekend. We lounged on the beach, swam, waded, skipped stones, chased gulls, played some adventure golf (Aaargh and avast!), ate some food, listened to music and sketched.


More sketches of cattle at lunch time.

Belted Galloway Cattle

Belted Galloways

Late Summer Cattle

Late summer

Face A Day: Shadows

There’s plenty wrong with this one but it still turned out to be a strong drawing I think. I thought I was going to give up on the black but now I might come back to it once in a while.

woman 1

Shadowy face

Face A Day: Water-soluble pencil sketch

A quick sketch from another studio portrait. This one is done in Derwent Inktense Ink Black.


A young movie star

Face A Day: Yet Another Glamor Shot (YAGS)

Another monochrome sketch in water-soluble pencil. This is another sketch done from an old Hollywood studio still.

young woman 3

Another starlet from the old studio system

Cool Tool for Figure Sketching

Set a timer–do some gesture drawings. Nice.

The Darwing Script

Face A Day: SFDD (Same Face, Different Day)

Keeping a light touch here; keeping it loose.

As always, trying to get the tilt of the head right. Not quite.

young woman 2

Glamour shot--don't know who the young woman is (or was).

Face A Day: Quick pencil sketch of a young woman

Late night–small quick sketch of a young woman.

young woman

Another quick pencil sketch