Monthly Archives: September 2011

Face A Day: Black and Gray

Experimenting with Neocolor I and II crayons to do some wax-resist. For the most part the white is wax and the black is water-soluble but I also reversed them to add highlights and texture.

MD wax-resist

Neocolor I & II crayons


Face A Day: Neocolor II Woman

Neocolor II crayon on heavy paper.

Neocolor II Woman

Approximately 9 x 14 cm.

Face A Day: Mostly Shadow

From a still from a movie.

4B Pencil

Face A Day: portrait in black watercolor pencil

Portrait of a young model.

portrait of a young woman wcp

Black watercolor pencil

Face A Day: Pencil sketch–model

Another pencil sketch.

pencil sketch of a model

pencil sketch

Face A Day: terracotta watercolor pencil

A sketch from a painting.


Sketch in terracotta watercolor pencil

Face A Day: 3 pencil sketches

Quick sketches from a brilliant photo.

3 heads in pencil

3 heads

Face A Day: Pencil Sketch of a Man

Once again, this was not the sketch I started out to do. I was going to make a light sketch in graphite pencil and go over it with a watercolor pencil but… I shouldn’t have started with a 4B pencil to make some light marks. The pencil sketch started to take on a life of it’s own so I just went with it.

There’s definitely more character in the photo than I caught here. This face is definitely worth a few more sketches. But not tonight.


4B pencil on heavy paper

Face A Day: Crayon on Kraft Paper

Putting this one out there for posterity.

LT crayon

Neocolor wax crayon on kraft paper

Face A Day: Man in a Hat

Watercolor pencil–brown for a change.

As with many of the sketches I’ve done, the subject here deserves to be revisited. There’s so much character I missed.


Watercolor pencil