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A Face A Day: Lynne

Lynne for JKPP by husdant
Lynne for JKPP, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

I joined Julia Kay’s Portrait Party (JKPP for short) over on Flickr. In 29 words or fewer, this portrait party is a group where visual artists post some photos of themselves and then anyone in the group who feels like it, can use those photos to create portraits and post them to the group. It seems like a natural fit with the Face-A-Day project I embarked on here, so I asked to join the group. Anyone can view the portraits but posting to the group is for members only.Thanks in no small part to the efforts of the hard-working owner, the group has a bunch of talented participants who have amassed a remarkable collection of portraits.This is my first (of many, I hope) contributions to the group.This is Lynne. We were new together.



A Face A Day: old-school movie star

a movie star by husdant
a movie star, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

I love old photo portraits of movie stars from back in the studio days. Some of the worlds most beautiful people photographed by really brilliant portrait artists.

I like to do studies of these photos just like I do studies of old master drawings. You can learn a lot from the masters.

I’d like to come back to this picture over time and see if my skills improve enough to really do it justice. If I get good enough, you might even recognize the young man in the portrait–or maybe not. Who watches those old black and films any more?

A Face A Day: mixed media

young woman mm by husdant
young woman mm, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

Derwent Inktense pencil and Neocolor crayon.This is the last page in a sketchbook I titled ‘Experiments 2011’ on the first page. This was definitely an experiment for me.I need a new Experiments sketchbook.

A Face A Day: woman with veil

woman with veil by husdant
woman with veil, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

I finished one sketchbook and started a new one. This is a larger Hand-book Trav-e-logue sketchbook. It has nice, slightly cream colored paper–heavy, with a good tooth for drawing. But doing this sketch I learned that you don’t want to try working the paper when it’s damp (or wet in this case). The paper doesn’t hold up well and tends to rub off too easily.

A Face A Day: young woman – pencil

young woman - pencil by husdant
young woman – pencil, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

quick figure study in pencil

quick figure by husdant
quick figure, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

A Face A Day: quick pencil sketch

quick pencil sketch by husdant
quick pencil sketch, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Title says it all–a quick pencil sketch. It’s not my fave but it is a face.

A Face A Day: young woman – wcp

young woman - wcp by husdant
young woman, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

Watercolor pencil. I kept re-working this one and touching it up. I don’t know if I improved it but I did give it more contrast than it had at first.

Face A Day: Marionette

puppet-DIA by husdant

Marionette at the DIA.Pencil on paper.

A Face A Day: pencil sketch

young woman 4 by husdant
young woman 4, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

A quick sketch of a young woman.