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A Face A Day: Penitent Squeakyboy

Squeakyboy by husdant
Squeakyboy, a sketch by husdant.

Pencil, chalk and white Prismacolor

I can’t say as I’ve ever tried to draw a real cat before. They’re more complicated than you might think.


Squeakyboy / Janine discussion

Janine’s work


A Face A Day: young girl pencil 1 and 2

young girl pencil 1 by husdant
young girl pencil 2

sketch from a photo

4b pencil in a small sketchbook.



A Face A Day: Erik

Arjen Stilklik by husdant
Arjen Stilklik, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Pencil in a small sketchbook

This started out to be a quick little warm up sketch–then I started making little tiny adjustments… Then it was not so quick at all.


Arjen Stilklik discussion

Arjen Stilklik, true name: Erik Tjallinks’ work

A Face A Day: Pencil and Wash

Wally by husdant
Wally, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

A quick sketch with water-soluble graphite. I’m kind of liking it.

I’m currently using some big fat graphite crayons–6B and 9B–by Lyra. They’re probably not the best choice for the size of sketch I’m doing these days. Actual pencils would probably work better for me.

Via Flickr:
Water-soluble graphite


Wally Torta Discussion

Wally’s work

A Face A Day: Neocolor Crayon

Barien Kanie by husdant
a sketch by husdant.

Interesting and therapeutic medium to work in but… My scanner really turned against me on this one. I was surprisingly pleased with how this was turning out. Then I scanned it in and saw it on the screen. I was horrified. The scanner magnified tonal differences in a way that made shadows look like bruises and texture like abrasions.

I made adjustments to the picture and scanned again. I tried making adjustments in Photoshop and made more adjustments on the picture and I scanned again. By this time I had only a few scrapes and a scab which I smoothed away (mostly) with Photoshop.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try using a camera and see if that does any better.

A Face A Day: Steve H.

steve_huison by husdant
steve_huison, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.


Pencil and water-soluble graphite on paper


Steve Huison discussion

Steve’s work

What a great reference photo!
It makes me think of patron portraits on alter pieces–staring frankly back at the viewer. Where’s an old master when you need one?

A Face A Day: Samika

Samika by husdant
Samika, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.



Samika / Niyousha discussion discussion

Samika’s work

A Face A Day: Gisele x 2

Gisele by husdant


Same sketch with color added

Neocolor crayon on heavy watercolor paper


Gisele Ramires discussion

Gisele’s work


This reminds me of the old joke about stopping to ask an old irishman directions. After giving it considerable thought, the old man replies, “Well now, if I was going there, I wouldn’t be startin’ from here.”

Had I know I was going to colorize this picture, I wouldn’t have started in black and white. But after completing the black and white sketch, I thought it was too garrish. It hurt my eyes to look at it–especially on the computer screen. So I took some advice I came across recently and just kept working at it till I was satisfied.


A Face A Day: Sue

Sue Rama by husdant
Sue Rama, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Neocolor II


Sue Rama discussion

Sue Ramá’s work

Had I known I was going to have so much fun sloshing water around, I would have done this on heavier paper. When the paper buckles like this, my scanner becomes a collaborator.

A Face A Day: Isabel

Isabel by husdant
Isabel, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Pencil on paper


apellanizi / Isabel Apellániz discussion

Isabel’s work