A Face A Day: Neocolor Crayon

Neocolor crayons on watercolor paper


Jane Gardiner discussion

Jane’s work

There is no likeness here. The body needs some work (which I’ve already started). I don’t know a thing about color. There are many other shortcomings as well, but I won’t dwell on them here.

This was an interesting learning experience but I don’t know if I’m going to do anything similar anytime soon. It was a lot of work to rub in the colors like that–true, it was good therapy for the stresses of modern life. But it took so much longer than the longest sketch I’ve posted. The results don’t fully come through in the photo–the surface of the paper is covered with a shiny, nearly transparent coating of wax quite unlike anything I’ve ever done in the past. I can start to appreciate how people become possessed by encaustic–it’s what lies beneath the surface that drives them mad.


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