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Digital Baby

On the road. Digital sketch on the iPad.
It’s been a while since I played with Sketchbook Pro. They have added a few nice features. It might be worth spending some time with the app but I’m really getting a lot of satisfaction working in the tangible these days.

Old doll head

After I posted this I had sketcher’s remorse and went back today and added some texture to the background and softened the lines.

Old Doll Head Phase II:

baby 3

Different yet not the same


Elga Brink

I made a series of bad choices and I did not care for this at all (hated it) before I ran it through Photoshop. Now I kind of like it.Elga Brink B&W

Elga Brink - From an old Post Card

Digital Sketch

I don’t do much that I’d label a digital drawing but this is an experiment with the Brushes app. This one I did on my iPhone.


From an old Form-Fit bra ad

YAB! (Yet Another Blog!)

False Assumption #23

False Assumption #23

They assume that, because it has a warm glow, it is a devine presence–but it’s just a vacuum tube.