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Sketch of a Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros by husdant
Rhinoceros, a sketch by husdant.

8B pencil

Sketched at the San Diego Zoo

I believe this would be the greater one-horned rhino. I would have gladly spent the day sketching this magnificent animal.


A face a day: portrait of a monkey

portrait of a monkey by husdant
portrait of a monkey, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

8B pencil

This is from some sketches I did at the San Diego Zoo.

I can not tell you what species he is–only that he finished off lunch by stuffing a wad of paper towel into his mouth and chewing on it for a while.

A Face A Day: Giraffe Faces

Giraffes by husdant
Giraffes, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

8B pencil

From some sketches done at the San Diego zoo.

Went with the family on a little vacation this week. It was not a vacation from sketching; sketching is vacation.


More sketches of cattle at lunch time.

Belted Galloway Cattle

Belted Galloways

Late Summer Cattle

Late summer

Cool Tool for Figure Sketching

Set a timer–do some gesture drawings. Nice.

The Darwing Script

More Urban Cattle

I stopped and did a quick sketch of urban cattle in their summer field. Like me, they were in no rush to get to work.

Friday Morning

Ankole cattle near my office.

More sketches of these brutes here.

Urban Fauna

When you live in a small city/college town there are opportunities to sketch animals. The an kole (with the enormous horns) grazes in a pasture adjacent to an office complex. The owls live at a nature center that has an interesting collection of rescued raptors.

An Kole

An exotic breed from africa--I did not make up the horns; if anything they're bigger than I drew them.

ankole 2

Ankole with calf

two owls

Rescued owls that live at the nature center
great horned owls

Two owls (I sketched one twice)

snapping turtle