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A small sketchbook with cream cardstock pages. Begun in 2010.


A sketch of a gothic madonna from the Toledo Museum of Art.


Ballpoint Madonna



Birdhouses. And a bird. Ballpoint pen. Nuff said.


Birdhouses on the wall. Bird outside the window.

More small sketches…

More drawings from my small sketchbook.

marine iguana

Copied from a book on reptiles in a doctor's waiting room.

And a drawing from a picture I had in my wallet.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson

Small Moleskine 1

I have way too many sketchbooks going. I carry a couple-three in my coat pocket (during the winter). These are from a small Moleskine sketchbook (cardstock).


Some guy named Tom standing in a middle-school gym.

Miss January 1961

At the DIA

Sunday morning at the DIA. Top: a terra cotta statue; bottom: mother and daughter

Boy sitting on the floor

From a small sketchbook. Ballpoint pen.

boy sitting on the floor

~5.5x7"; ballpoint pen