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Sketch of a Rhinoceros

Rhinoceros by husdant
Rhinoceros, a sketch by husdant.

8B pencil

Sketched at the San Diego Zoo

I believe this would be the greater one-horned rhino. I would have gladly spent the day sketching this magnificent animal.



More sketches of cattle at lunch time.

Belted Galloway Cattle

Belted Galloways

Late Summer Cattle

Late summer

Old Train Station

These are a couple of fairly quick sketches I made of the old train station in Ann Arbor MI. (It’s now a fancy restaurant.)

As seen from a conveniently located bridge

It's now a fancy restaurant

Thrift Shop Building

The St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store of Ann Arbor is in a great old building. It was a nearly perfect summer morning for me.

DePaul Thrift Shop Bldg

Old building on the north side of Ann Arbor, MI

Detroit Observatory

Despite the name, the Detroit Observatory is in Ann Arbor. It sits up on a little hill surround by dormitories and medical research buildings. Not too many years ago it had fallen into a pretty shabby state but it’s much better cared for now.

I made a quick sketch while my seven year old amused himself by trying to throw fallen pine cones back onto their former tree. I need to come back when I can do it a little more justice. It’s a great little building and it deserves better.

Detroit Observatory

The Detroit Observatory, Ann Arbor, Mi.

Quick sketch while waiting

While waiting for a store to open, we sat and had coffee and I made a quick sketch. I need to come back and do this simple building justice sometime.

When the shop opened I bought some new sketch books.

Kerrytown bldg.

An office building in Kerrytown

Park Sketches

Saturday was gorgeous summer weather. We got out to the park in the morning because it was going to get hot. The park in question is a favorite of many. It’s on the edge of town where the river widens out before the damn. There are trails, bridges, nature paths, a couple of playgrounds, a dock where they rent paddle boats and canoes, and more.

I made a few sketches. I learned that fishing is a sketchers dream–young people will stand relatively still for moments at a time and old people will sit still half the day. These sketches were done in watercolor pencil.

boy and concrete turtle

A young boy industriously working to undermine the concrete turtle in the playground

boy fishing 1

Saturday morning in July

boy fishing 2

A young man fishing from the dock

Parking Lot Garden

A quick sketch of the garden in the little island in the parking lot where we stopped for a donut and coffee this morning. It was going to be a hot day but it was nice sitting at a picnic table in the shade.

Roadhouse Garden

Several little traffic islands in the parking lot have corn, sunflowers, tomatoes and herbs growing in them

Stone Angel

The face of a stone angel in St. Thomas Cemetery.

Stone Angel

A cemetery angel

The Tower

Burton Tower

Quick sketch while waiting to meet my lunch date.