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A Face A Day: Red and White Chalk

Leona E by husdant
Leona E, a drawing by husdant on Flickr.

A pretty quick sketch after a long day–I’m not sure it’s a good likeness and I know I missed the essence the face in the photo. Oh well… I reserve the right to a do-over.

I like working with the red chalk but I’m not so crazy about the paper.

Via Flickr:
Red and white chalk on toned paper


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A Face A Day: Revisions

Carmen 1.2 by husdant
Carmen 1.2, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Same attempted portraiture with changes.

Even after adjustments it doesn’t come close to having the character of the original.

I’m not sure I care much for the way I’m using the red and black chalk–next one I attempt like this will probably be more monochrmatic.

A Face A Day: Black and Red Chalk

Carmen by husdant
Carmen, a drawing by husdant.

Charcoal, chalk and colored pencil on distressed paper (mostly coffee with a little gouache thrown at it as well).

I had much higher hopes for this when I started out. (One always does.) I like the distressed paper and plan to keep working with that. I think I’m starting to get the hang of working with three colors of chalk–starting to. I’m not sure how much of that I’ll do. I think the next drawing will be a little more monochromatic.

But in the end, it’s just not a real good drawing. Mostly it’s just clumsy and I didn’t really find the contrasts I was envisioning when I started.

Oh well. Time spent drawing is time well spent. I learned a lot–even if it was only lessons in the “never do that again” category.


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A Face A Day: Charcoal, chalk and colored pencils

Cobol by husdant
Cobol, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

Charcoal, chalk and colored pencils

I bought a bunch of new pencils yesterday and wanted to try them out. It’s been a very long time since I used any kind of charcoal. I really meant to do this on toned paper and I think it would have been more like what I set out to do. But I’m not displeased with the results on white paper.

Another day, another face. Next.


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