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Same face, different day

Another Face-A-Day. This one was executed in colored pencil but then significantly enhanced (altered?) digitally after I scanned it. I kind of liked the results.

This is another attempt to capture the fascinating antique picture of a young woman that popped up on the internet the other day.

girl with glasses

(digitally enhanced) colored pencil drawing


Digital Baby

On the road. Digital sketch on the iPad.
It’s been a while since I played with Sketchbook Pro. They have added a few nice features. It might be worth spending some time with the app but I’m really getting a lot of satisfaction working in the tangible these days.

Old doll head

After I posted this I had sketcher’s remorse and went back today and added some texture to the background and softened the lines.

Old Doll Head Phase II:

baby 3

Different yet not the same