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quick figure study in pencil

quick figure by husdant
quick figure, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Cool Tool for Figure Sketching

Set a timer–do some gesture drawings. Nice.

The Darwing Script

Seated Figure

Another sketch from a photo in a book.

Seated Figure

Pencil sketch of a seated female

Figure Study – Brush and Ink

Standing Nude - ink

India ink and brush

I’ve been reading another very handsome book by Sarah Simblet, Botany for the Artist, and I’ve been inspired to do more with ink. I used a brush for this one. I’ll try pen next.

YAFS (Yet Another Figure Study)

Another figure study (from an artist’s photo reference book). I’m still on the learn-as-you-go plan but the results are interesting even when clumsy.

female nude kneeling

watercolor sketch