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A Face A Day: Ink and Wash

Erik van Elven - ink-wash by husdant
Erik van Elven – ink-wash, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Fountain pen and ink wash


Erik van Elven discussion and reference photos

Erik’s very excellent work


A Face A Day: Ink and Wash

Rodrick by husdant
Rodrick, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Fountain pen, ink wash and pencil


lownails/ Rodrick / busbiker – discussion and reference photos

Rodrick’s work

A Face A Day: Ink and Wash

Via Flickr:
Fountain pen and ink wash in Moleskine sketchbook


Discussion and reference photos

Frédéric Glorieux’s work

A Face A Day: Quick Sketches with Fountain Pen

Arturo by husdant
Arturo, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

A sketch on Flickr!

Two for one day. I did a couple of quick sketches in fountain pen.

I still feel like a novice with the pen but it’s starting to do what I want–or I’m starting to like what it does.

Fountain pen on Moleskine sketchbook paper

Quick sketches for JKPP

A Face A Day: Fountain Pen

passionateartist for JKPP by husdant
passionateartist for JKPP, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

I picked up a fountain pen a few weeks ago–I feel like I’m still learning how to drive it.

Thrift Shop Building

The St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store of Ann Arbor is in a great old building. It was a nearly perfect summer morning for me.

DePaul Thrift Shop Bldg

Old building on the north side of Ann Arbor, MI

Quick sketch while waiting

While waiting for a store to open, we sat and had coffee and I made a quick sketch. I need to come back and do this simple building justice sometime.

When the shop opened I bought some new sketch books.

Kerrytown bldg.

An office building in Kerrytown

3 Babies

3 baby heads. Count them–3.

I do not know these babies personally. I was working from some drawings by Loomis from an old copy of Drawing the head and hands. I believe they are coming out with a reprint this fall. I may have to buy it.

3 baby heads

3 sketches of babies

Quick Sketch on Grid

Just a quick sketch with felt-tipped pen in a grid notebook. Another day, another face.

Marie-Adelaide de Savoie

I quick sketch in a notebook

Figure Study – Brush and Ink

Standing Nude - ink

India ink and brush

I’ve been reading another very handsome book by Sarah Simblet, Botany for the Artist, and I’ve been inspired to do more with ink. I used a brush for this one. I’ll try pen next.