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A Face A Day: Neocolor Crayon

Neocolor crayons on watercolor paper


Jane Gardiner discussion

Jane’s work

There is no likeness here. The body needs some work (which I’ve already started). I don’t know a thing about color. There are many other shortcomings as well, but I won’t dwell on them here.

This was an interesting learning experience but I don’t know if I’m going to do anything similar anytime soon. It was a lot of work to rub in the colors like that–true, it was good therapy for the stresses of modern life. But it took so much longer than the longest sketch I’ve posted. The results don’t fully come through in the photo–the surface of the paper is covered with a shiny, nearly transparent coating of wax quite unlike anything I’ve ever done in the past. I can start to appreciate how people become possessed by encaustic–it’s what lies beneath the surface that drives them mad.


A Face A Day: Neocolor Crayon

Barien Kanie by husdant
a sketch by husdant.

Interesting and therapeutic medium to work in but… My scanner really turned against me on this one. I was surprisingly pleased with how this was turning out. Then I scanned it in and saw it on the screen. I was horrified. The scanner magnified tonal differences in a way that made shadows look like bruises and texture like abrasions.

I made adjustments to the picture and scanned again. I tried making adjustments in Photoshop and made more adjustments on the picture and I scanned again. By this time I had only a few scrapes and a scab which I smoothed away (mostly) with Photoshop.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll try using a camera and see if that does any better.

A Face A Day: mixed media

young woman mm by husdant
young woman mm, a sketch by husdant on Flickr.

Derwent Inktense pencil and Neocolor crayon.This is the last page in a sketchbook I titled ‘Experiments 2011’ on the first page. This was definitely an experiment for me.I need a new Experiments sketchbook.

Face A Day: Black and Gray

Experimenting with Neocolor I and II crayons to do some wax-resist. For the most part the white is wax and the black is water-soluble but I also reversed them to add highlights and texture.

MD wax-resist

Neocolor I & II crayons

Face A Day: Crayon on Kraft Paper

Putting this one out there for posterity.

LT crayon

Neocolor wax crayon on kraft paper

Face A Day: Starlet in B&W

Another face in crayon. This time in black and white. I’m not sure about the results but it was fun to use the white like a stump and rub it into the black I put down first.

This was on watercolor paper. I’ll have to try it on smoother paper sometime–just to see what the difference is. The pebbly wrinkles in the watercolor paper keep me from getting too bogged down in the details though and that’s good for me right now.

starlet 1

Crayon on watercolor paper

Face A Day: Victoria in Crayon

This definitely feels like a novice effort. But this is the kind of variety I wanted when I started the Face a Day project.

Victoria in crayon

Neocolor I on Arches cover paper