Monthly Archives: April 2011

Urban Fauna

When you live in a small city/college town there are opportunities to sketch animals. The an kole (with the enormous horns) grazes in a pasture adjacent to an office complex. The owls live at a nature center that has an interesting collection of rescued raptors.

An Kole

An exotic breed from africa--I did not make up the horns; if anything they're bigger than I drew them.

ankole 2

Ankole with calf

two owls

Rescued owls that live at the nature center
great horned owls

Two owls (I sketched one twice)

snapping turtle


YAFS (Yet Another Figure Study)

Another figure study (from an artist’s photo reference book). I’m still on the learn-as-you-go plan but the results are interesting even when clumsy.

female nude kneeling

watercolor sketch

Another Watercolor Figure Study

Standing female nude.

standing female nude

Another watercolor figure study

Watercolor Figure Study

I’m trying to learn to use watercolor. I hadn’t done a lot with them until I ran across some quick figure studies by Wendy Artin. Needless to say, I’m not there yet but I’m enjoying the process and the sketches I’ve done so far.

Female Figure