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A Face A Day: Brush and Ink

Gloriaerre by husdant
Gloriaerre, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Ink wash


Gloriaerre discussion and reference photos

Gloriarre’s work


A Face A Day: Brush and Ink

Squeakyboy / Janine / Morticia by husdant
Squeakyboy / Janine / Morticia, a photo by husdant on Flickr.

Brush and ink and wash


Squeakyboy / Janine discussion and reference photo

Janine’s work

Thrift Shop Building

The St Vincent de Paul Thrift Store of Ann Arbor is in a great old building. It was a nearly perfect summer morning for me.

DePaul Thrift Shop Bldg

Old building on the north side of Ann Arbor, MI

Elga Brink

I made a series of bad choices and I did not care for this at all (hated it) before I ran it through Photoshop. Now I kind of like it.Elga Brink B&W

Elga Brink - From an old Post Card